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Ardy Ismail

Trading Coach, Investor and Pro Technical Analyst

Forex Trading Education & Market Analyst, Ardy Ismail aims to help other traders at all levels to become more systematic, educated, and profitable when trading Forex and other financial markets. He founded Forexachievers.com in 2008 and continued to Develop the Forex Trading Mastery Course in 2009, which was made available online in 2010. Through the years, he developed the skills and specializes in Trading Psychology, Technical & Fundamental Analysis of the Financial Markets, Risk Management Strategies, Manual and Algorithmic Trading Systems Development, Investment Portfolio Management, Trading Education, and lastly, Fintech Development


Personal Finance Afficionado

Lance is currently the founder and CIO at Force Capital Group, a firm focused on creating and investing in different asset classes. Recently, he is focused on the early-stage venture capital scene, with him helming Gamerforce Ventures, an early-stage venture fund focused on esports and gaming startups. He has been using mainly fundamental analysis for his investments in the public markets and has been a guest speaker at Value Investing College in the past.

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