smart investing

Learn to Invest Actively & Passively. Empower yourself to Invest Better & Smarter for Your Future

Active Investing

Financial Markets

Actively invest in various financial markets; Stocks and Shares, Currencies, Gold, Silver, Energy and more.

Fundamental Analysis

Use the economic news releases and major economic happenings around the world to your advantage. Never be blind-sided again.


Technical Analysis

Learn to read the charts. Use price action strategies, trend following and momentum tools to help you make an investment decision.

Passive Investing


Automatic Investing

Learn how to automate your investments and get the most returns while sitting back and letting your investments grow and grow.

Children's Education & Retirement Planning

Plan ahead and allow your child to enjoy quality tertiary education in the future and for a comfortable retirement with your spouse.


Wealth Protection

Learn how to protect the wealth that you have built over the years. Beat inflation and never allow it to eat into your accumulated wealth.

Create a Strategy That Works For YOU

It is crucial that you make your investments while minding you source of income as well as the amount of savings you currently have. Learn what’s best for you and find out you most suitable investment strategy with us now!

Learn how to invest smarter with more confidence

If you are someone who wants to learn how to invest for your own financial future and comfort, you have come to the right place. Learn from the resources that we provide on this site and get latest techniques and strategies that can help you become a smarter investor.

Active Investing Articles

Market Summary 14-20 September 2020

Market Summary 14-20 September 2020

Fed to keep interest rates near zero until inflation rises to above 2% target, indicates will stay for yearsUS-China investment flows hit lowest in...

Passive Investing Articles

20 Common Bad Money Habits

20 Common Bad Money Habits

Whether you want it or not, money plays an important part in your life. But do you actually manage it effectively or are being somewhat (or very)...

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